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Lunar Bloom

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Lunar Bloom: The Story

Lunar Bloom met in 2008 during their college years studying Musical Theatre at Sheridan College. It was here that they first heard one another's original music, sang back up for each other and became fans. In the years after school Brittany and Jocelyn ventured across oceans. Brittany to Australia, Jocelyn to Scotland then England. In 2017 when both had moved back to Toronto Kelly sent out a text that read "Do you want to start a band?" Fortunately both said yes.

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Sweater (Official Music Video)

Director(s): Jordan Probst & Megan Robinson

Director of Photography: Jordan Probst Production Design: Megan Robinson

Hair & Makeup: Christine Featherstone Special Thanks to Leah Probst & Duchess

Produced, recorded and mixed by David Stein at Copper Sound Studio in Guelph, ON. Mastered by Eric Warren.

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