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Short Bio:
Lunar Bloom is a Toronto based trio rooted in the folk tradition whose original songs feature complex vocal harmonies and intimate storytelling. They embrace harmonic tension, and rhythms that challenge expectations, creating the story of each song through musical devices as well as poetic lyrics. 

Long Bio:

Lunar Bloom is an all female indie-folk trio with voices that weave seamlessly in and out of harmony. The three ‘blooms’ are long time friends, and have been collaborating together as music makers since 2017. Their songs have dynamic range, often with sparse acoustic accompaniment, to give focus to the intricate three part harmonies that blend deliciously and leave you wanting more.


Inspired by Canadian icons like Joni Mitchell and Feist, Lunar Bloom sings about personal, intimate experiences, sharing stories with the audience to give context. They write music about joy, love, hope, as well as depression, anxiety, grief, and how the human experience is often a combination of these (both/and, rather than either/or). Some songs are based on personal experience while others stem from larger current event issues (such as the me too movement).  Lunar Bloom is passionate about making music that talks about these issues, while sharing them within a context of healing. Their motto is that the personal is universal. 


Lunar Bloom’s debut performance was opening for Amanda Rheaume at Haliburton Folk Society. Since then they have played multiple venues in Toronto (The Rex, Dakota Tavern, Burdock, The Tranzac), Haliburton (Abbey Gardens, Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavillion), and Ottawa (LIVE on Elgin) and throughout Southern Ontario. 


Their self-titled EP was nominated in the Folk/Roots Category for an Independent Music Awards 2020. The singles “Sweater”, and “Monster” from the EP have made it to top 100 in CBC Searchlight 2020 and been featured on CBC’s “Fresh Air” with Nana aba Duncan. Their recently released debut album “Running Deep” was made with support from crowdfunding and Canada Council for the Arts. Songs from Running Deep received airplay across Canada, and made #6 in the charts on CFBX.

Self-Titled EP {2019}
Lunar Blooms debut EP is a diverse tasting menu featuring traditional love songs to music exploring depression, grief and sexual assault. All songs were written and performed by Lunar Bloom with additional percussion & instrumentation done by David Stein & Sean Warren. Music was produced, recorded and mixed by David Stein at Copper Sound Studio in Guelph, ON and mastered by Eric Warren.

Their EP was nominated in the Folk/Roots Category for an Independent Music Awards 2020 and has been featured on Corby's Orbit and Lyrically Speaking. Track 'Sweater' became Top 100 in CBC Searchlight 2020 while 'Monster' has been featured on CBC's "Fresh Air."

Running Deep {Released June 4th 2022}
Lunar Bloom's first full length album explores social issues and personal challenges, all rooted in our central mission statement for the project:
“In cracking ourselves open, we create a space for others to be held in their own vulnerability, shining light on a pathway to healing.”

Its release will promote visibility and awareness around the struggles and triumphs that female identifying people face. The songs will help to destigmatize mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, celebrate vulnerability around emotional expression, promote self-love, and empowerment.

The album contains 11 songs featuring Christine Bougie on guitar (Good Lovelies), Devon Henderson on bass (Megan Bonnell), and Joshua Van Tassel on percussion (Rose Cousins). It was recorded at Dream Date Studio and produced with care by Joshua Van Tassel.

Lunar Bloom is comprised of Brittany Rae Robinson, Kelly McNamee & Jocelyn Regina. Their debut self-titled EP was nominated for an Independent Music Award in the Folk/Roots Category and single "Sweater" made it to the Top 100 in CBC's Searchlight Competition. Their single "Monster" has been featured on CBC's Fresh Air and received a shout-out from Jim Cuddy. The trio has written over 30 songs, showcased at Folk Music Ontario and through crowdfunding and the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, they have just released their debut full length album, Running Deep.

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