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November, 2022

Take Effect

" [Running Deep] 11 very well thought out tracks that are never short on harmonizing, vivid storytelling, and atypical versions of indie-folk song craft...atmospheric, meticulous and romantic formula on this excellent debut album."

October, 2022

Roots Music Canada

"Lunar Bloom is kicking it up a notch with sophisticated and unexpected vocal arrangements that are, shall we say, more savoury and tart than sweet."

June, 2022

The Sound Cafe

"Lunar Bloom often take their feminist consciousness and three-part harmonies into surprising, unexpected, even stunning directions, not unlike New York late-'70s trio The Roches...It's almost like the Beach Boys became girls, learned about metaphor, and boldly extended their harmonic style."

June, 2022

BTW This Week

"Stepping in with some sweet, sweet harmonies, sweet as life itself coming from the super smooth voices of Lunar Bloom...It’s only early June but it’s going to take a lot of doing to beat out Runnng Deep for folk album of the year."

December, 2019

Northumerland News

"Always engaging and dramatic, the range of dynamics adds dimension and depth to songs. Their voices create a rare lace of elegant sound with well-crafted poetry..."

February, 2018

The Haliburton Echo

"Lunar Bloom a trio of young women consisting of Jocelyn Regina Kelly McNamee and Brittany Robinson closed the first set and if you like sweet harmonies then these young women gave you what you wanted; and they are talented enough to make some headway commercially..."

April, 2017

The Highlander

"Even before the main act took the stage, a room full of concertgoers was in a trance- like state. That’s because the powerful voices of the opening trio, Lunar Bloom, created a harmonious sound that filled the Minden United Church on Saturday evening. They opened for Amanda Rheaume, an award- winning Métis artist from Ottawa."

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