Directed by Gavin Michael Booth

Cinematography by Danny Dunlop

Produced by Gavin Michael Booth & Lunar Bloom

Featuring: Makenna Pickersgill, Kelly McNamee, Jocelyn Regina & Brittany Rae Robinson


Heroes was written and performed by Lunar Bloom

Produced and Mixed by Joshua Van Tassel at Dream Date Studios

Mastered by Heather Kirby at Dreamlands Studio

Piano recorded at Raventape Music Room

Piano by Jocelyn Regina

Lap Steel Guitar by Christine Bougie

Bass by Devon Henderson

Thank you to Canada Council for the Arts for funding this project!


Director(s): Jordan Probst & Megan Robinson

Director of Photography: Jordan Probst

Production Design: Megan Robinson

Hair & Makeup: Christine Featherstone

Special Thanks to Leah Probst & Duchess

Sweater was written and performed by Lunar Bloom. Additional percussion & instrumentation done by David Stein Produced, recorded and mixed by David Stein at Copper Sound Studio in Guelph, ON. Mastered by Eric Warren.